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Asheville Forums is great way we can help each other plant Asheville roots. This is a place for you to share your stories, photos, tips and favorites! And, it's a place to see what others have to say and show.

Join in! You aren't alone!

If you aren't living here already, start getting involved now from wherever you are.

It's easy! Just think of what you want to say, give it a title, and you're off...

If you have photos, you can share them, too - up to four! I'd love to see them and hear what you have to say. Let's encourage each other and live the Asheville dream!

Tell us about your best experiences. What interesting and helpful information and tips can you offer? Is there anything at all you would love to share?

All your stories and any info you can give will be greatly appreciated! And don't forget, if you or anyone you know needs some real estate help, tell them about this site and contact me. 828-545-1990 I'd love to help.

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These forums are going to grow and new ones will pop up, so be sure to come back often to see what's going on - and please contribute!

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Do you have a great Asheville story that doesn't really seem to fit in any of the forum categories? Share it here!

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Our Wedding Rings 
My partner and I went to one of the great jewelry shops to look for wedding rings. It was the kind of shop that did custom pieces. We'd looked at several …

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