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The list of all the Asheville activities is mind-boggling. When I first moved here, I was so overwhelmed by all the things available to do, I was almost paralyzed. How do you decide? When do you just pick something and do it?!

Well, it's not a bad thing. But, you get what I mean.

One reason you're probably interested in Asheville North Carolina Real Estate is because of all the Asheville activities there are - year-round for all kinds of people and every age group!

To see what's happening, you can look at the various online calendars, pick up the Mountain Xpress, Take Five or any of the other free publications, check out the many local bulletin boards, and listen to radio announcements.

It's a little like which house to choose for your home... You need to have some kind of strategy - at least if you find it overwhelming like I did. I tend to be interested in everything!

Maybe you have a narrow list of things you enjoy. Maybe kayaking is your thing and you want all your activities to center around kayaking, the rivers, meeting others who kayak, visiting the local stores that sell kayak gear, and so on.

Perhaps you prefer not to drive after dark, so the only activities you'll attend are during the day. You really love to read, so you can visit the various library branches and book stores during the day. You can go to book signings and author lectures during the day. And you can join daytime book clubs that read the kinds of books you like.

Here's a unique thing to do - fish sampling, a conservation activity in the French Broad River with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. The photo is by Gary Peeples.

What about volunteering? I've heard there are more nonprofits in Asheville per capita than any other city in the USA! I don't know if it's true or not, but there are tons! Hey, if you have a unique need idea, you could even start another! Or just plug in to what's already here. On way to do that is through Hands On.

Hey, what a problem! Too much to do!

It also would be helpful to hear from those of you in Asheville about the activities you've found that you enjoy. What recommendations can you give? And which bulletin boards, listings or calendars do you suggest...

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