Asheville Green Realtors

Certified Asheville green Realtors are very valuable to work with even if you aren't looking for a green home. Why? They are aware of and take seriously environmental factors that affect all homes, such as radon and drainage. I would never want to purchase any home without someone who had that special training.

Asheville Realtors may have any of several green real estate certifications...

...The Asheville Board of Realtor's certification is the most valuable. Realtors learn about local factors affecting green building. Different climates and terrain can make a big difference in how you build. That's one great thing about green building. It's actually done to fit in with nature, not to work against it. Also, by obtaining the local certification, Asheville Realtors have an opportunity to build a local green network. This certification is called Environmental Consultant or ECO.

By the way, this was one of the first certifications - if not the first - to be offered by a local real estate board. The National Association of Realtors looked to us in Asheville when creating their curriculum. Asheville has definitely been a leader in green real estate.

Some Realtors also may be EcoBrokers. This is a private national certification that was founded in 2002. Its headquarters is in Evergreen, Colorado. They have certified many real estate agents all over the country and internationally.

The newest national certification is the National Association of Realtor's (NAR) GREEN Designation. This program began in 2009 and has been very helpful in establishing a national network of green realtors.

I have both the NAR GREEN Designation and the local Environmental Consultant certification. I also have a bachelor's degree in environmental design from the University of Massachusetts. My years of living "off-the-grid" with solar electricity and hot water, as well as other "natural" living features also help me to help you find a suitable green home.

You can read my green story here.

Do you have a green story? I'd love to hear it! Contact me.

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