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Would you like to go green? When you move to Asheville, that's the perfect time to make some significant changes.

Living green means so many different things. Green building is one of them. You may consider a home that's been built to special specifications. There are several green certifications in the Asheville area that you should be aware of.

Green living doesn't have to mean buying a new or fairly new home. You can actually "recycle" and existing home and do a "green retrofit."

Having a green home may just mean that you choose to use safe, natural cleaning agents. You may choose to use no VOC paints and finishes. You may want to recycle as much of your waste as possible and compost your garbage. Hanging your laundry to dry instead of using a dryer is another thing.

If you'd like to read my green story, click here.

So much to think about! It's really fun to consider all the ways to live green - whether you're in Asheville or not! Please check back frequently. This is going to be my favorite page! See below for how you can contribute. Let's help each other with our ideas, tips and encouragement...

Want to see a fun video about an Asheville urban homestead? Check out this video I took of a home right on the edge of downtown.

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American Clay Earth Plaster - A Green Wall Finish Provides Benefits Not rated yet
Clay finishes for walls truly ARE green finishes. Clay plaster has negative ions resisting dust and enhancing moods(versus a high energy environment caused …

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Replace several or ALL of your plumbing fixtures (faucets, showers, toilets) with low-flow fixtures in order to save water. Something we can all easily …

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Don't use it at all. Now that's green! Tree's comment: Now, that's a brief suggestion. Thanks, whoever you are! I know what you're saying - don't …

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If each of us, beginning at the age of reason (21?) begins to make one positive change each year, we will have on average made 50+ small steps in the right …

I Love Riding My Bike! Not rated yet
I ride my bike everyday and love every minute of it. I'm saving the environment, saving a lot of money, and staying in shape. Green living is something …

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Suggested Green Asheville Links

You may be overwhelmed at all the green businesses in the Asheville area when you move here. I'd like to suggest a few you may want to check out.

If you want to design a permaculture yard, one you can really live from, check out Gary at Our Asheville. He has a special gardening section and a specific page on permaculture. If you don't know what this is. You'd better check his page. He does the entire website, but permaculture is his specialty.

The Arch is a great place to shop for healthy, green building supplies like natural clay and lime plasters and finishing touches like handmade tiles, switch plates, house numbers and sinks. I love the earth-tone clay wall finishes! Plus, haven't you always wanted an outdoor pizza or bread oven?! They have them - ready-made and kits. Catherine Silver, the owner, is just a very nice person and you'll enjoy talking with her about green stuff and how to go green.

Other Great Green Links

For your great green printing needs:

Organic Gardening Advice from GrowingAnything.com - Organic landscaping and gardening advice, including vegetable garden tips, herb garden plants, fruits, nuts and grains, indoor and greenhouse gardening and how to grow flowers, grass, plants and trees for landscaping.

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