Asheville Information

There's a lot of Asheville information that will help you in many ways as you consider a move here. For example...

...Understanding the Asheville weather is quite important as you think about where to locate - not that any of us can understand climate these days! But look at this page and you'll understand what I mean.

I've put together some pages here to help you get more familiar with the area.

This is a page in progress as we continually add more information, so be sure to check back often.

When you visit Asheville, of course, you'll want to check out the Asheville Chamber of Commerce Visitor Center, a great source of all kinds of info. I'll have more info about that here, too.

You may use the Asheville Airport to get here. Information about the airport may be helpful to you.

The Asheville Buncombe Library may be a place you'll want to visit on a trip here. You'll definitely want to become a member once you move here. We use several branches of the Asheville Library on a regular basis.

Before you come, you can become familiar with the Asheville NC newpaper online. The Asheville Citizen-Times is the main daily Asheville newspaper. We also have an alternative weekly paper, The Mountain Xpress.

I'm sure the Asheville taxes will also be of interest to you. Yes, like most places, we have all kinds of taxes.

So, this will be a page of general Asheville information that I hope will grow and give you what you need as you consider moving here and even after you're here! Be sure to check back and feel free to make suggestions for information you'd like to see included here.

Don't Forget Asheville Fun!

There are so many fun things to do in Asheville. I'll have to start a whole page of fun resources, but for now, check out the page about the Asheville Tourists. No, they aren't actually tourists. That's the name of Asheville's baseball team!

Check out the Official 2013 Asheville Travel Guide from our local Chamber of Commerce and Tourist Information Center. It's filled with information and photos.

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