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A good time to find an Asheville Realtor is while you're still in the community research stage (Step 4 of the Home Buying Guide). I don’t want you to lose your focus from neighborhood to home too early, though. It would be helpful to have a Realtor email you information about houses in your price range in the neighborhoods that interest you. You aren’t looking for your dream home, yet. You’re still getting a feel for the areas.

Not every real estate agent is a good match for every house-hunter. If you want to find an Asheville Realtor, it depends on a number of factors. Don't just choose the person who's lived in Asheville the longest or has been a real estate agent for the longest amount of time, or who has the most clients. You know why this could be less than ideal? Someone who's been in real estate work for a very long time may not be up on the latest info and technology. They may be very up on it, but maybe not. And it's great to have grown up here, but that doesn't make you the best choice, necessarily. And if a person has many clients, when is she going to fit you in? Will you end up working mainly with assistants? Many factors.

So, this is a great time to see how the relationship feels. I’ll be happy to help you find an agent who is a good match for you and the kind of home you’re looking for. It might even be me! But, it might not be.

By the way, I would like to recommend that you work with a certified Asheville green Realtor, even if you don't want a certified green home. They are alert to all kinds of environmental factors that can affect all houses.

Here's a simple and fun questionnaire you can fill out to help me help you find a good match. Please check all boxes that apply. You can do it either with yourself in mind or with the Realtor in mind. I could have included many more questions and answers, but this is a start!

Realtor Match Questionnaire

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

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I will only recommend Asheville area Realtors who I feel are especially good and a good match for you. Before I suggest anyone, they have to agree to my high standards of service to you.

Most Realtors are used to people calling them when they want to look at houses. And most people think they are ready to look at houses when they really aren’t. In general, Realtors help you research to find the homes that meet your needs; show them to you; help you write an offer; negotiate the terms for you; explain the paperwork, various inspections, and closing; and guide you through the entire process.

This is all very valuable help, but there are still a lot of things you need to understand and do yourself. You should explain your strategy to the Realtor first thing. At this point you want her/him to send you information by email about properties in the areas that interest you. You can give some general criteria and a price range, but don’t get too bogged down in those details, yet. Remember, this is not yet looking for your perfect home.

Before you talk with a Realtor in North Carolina, there’s a document you need to read and understand called "Working with Real Estate Agents." I'm happy to provide you with that document and other helpful materials. You can also get this and other documents at Asheville Resources.

Get "Working with Real Estate Agents"

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Now, let's get on with Step 6! So much to learn and do!

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