My High Real Estate
Agent Referral Standards

I have high real estate agent referral standards that I use to prescreen Realtors who I think would work well for you.

Choosing the right Realtor for yourself is an important task, made easier by letting me help you. Real estate agents do so much more than unlock houses for you to see.

Asheville is small enough so I’m familiar with many of the real estate agents and their reputations. I’ve worked closely with some who I know are excellent.

If you aren’t from the Asheville area, it may be hard to confidently find a Realtor.

**How can you know who is really knowledgeable and who provides the best service?

**How can you be aware of which agents are really a good fit for you and your unique needs?

By getting to know you a little and what you need and want, I can recommend one or several Asheville Realtors to you that you can then get to know by email and phone during the early stages of home-hunting. When it’s time to really depend on your Realtor, you’ll be comfortable and confident in her/his abilities.

The Asheville area agents I recommend agree to the following:

  • to return your calls and emails in a timely manner
  • to keep appointments on time
  • to only call or email you with your permission
  • to be your personal guide throughout the entire home-buying or selling process
  • to work diligently to get you the best deal possible
  • to help you stick to your needs and wants, never making you feel like you should do anything you aren't 100% comfortable with

If I receive any negative feedback about anyone I recommend, I’ll never recommend that person again. I believe in having very high standards of service for any real estate agent referrals I make.

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