Choose an Asheville Home!

Ah, here’s the step you’ve been waiting for! Decision Day. Time to choose an Asheville home.

You’ve done your home-work. You’ve looked at neighborhoods. You’ve looked at houses. You’ve narrowed it down and you’re ready to choose your home.

Yes, it’s scary. It’s a big decision. But, you’ve found a place that fits your criteria. It feels good. Or does it?

If you’re still not sure, analyze why. Was the house perfect but you hated the wall paper? Did the house have carpeting and you wanted hardwood? Did the kitchen have old appliances and you wanted new?

Think about it carefully. Are these things you can easily change without too much trouble or expense? If so, just try to envision the house with your changes. Now how does it feel?

Tell your Realtor you’ve chosen a home and think you’re ready to make an offer. You just need to check on a few things first. Think of every question you possibly can.

  • Have you seen the “Property Owner’s Disclosure?” Are there any problems you want more information about?
  • Is there a home owners’ association? Have you seen the disclosure? What is the fee and what does it cover? Have you carefuly read the covenant and restrictions? Can you live with them?
  • Does the house need updating? Can you use that as a negotiating point or ask for an allowance to get the work done?
  • How is it zoned? Can you do everything you need to within that zone?
  • Do you need to request professional cleaning?
  • What inspections do you want? How long should you plan to get them done?

You’re on the home stretch! The first day of looking at homes may be the hardest. You’re learning about the houses and yourself. If you need to alter your criteria, it’s not the end of the world. Just figure it out and do it. Communicate well with your Realtor and get on with finding the best place for you.

Congratulations! Doing your home-work pays off!

Please, consider taking some time to give me some feedback. I'd love to hear about your experience and eventually add you to my growing list of people who've been able to move here and make their dreams come true!

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