Step 2 - Home Place

Consider your Asheville home place before you begin looking at houses. What's the kind of home place you need? What kind of community or Asheville neighborhood? Before you build your nest, you need to choose your tree! Asheville North Carolina Real Estate would like to help you learn about the areas you have to choose from, but first you need to know your own personal needs.

Where should you build your nest?

What are your place needs? What’s right for you? Should you be within walking distance of the post office and library? Would you feel better living in a smaller town like Black Mountain? Do you need to have easy access to the airport for flying out of town often?

If you are interested in how "walkable" a location is, here's a handy tool you may want to check out.

What’s your Walk Score?®

Walk Score

Make a list of all the things you spend your time doing now.

Working in your garden, driving to the grocery store, taking a walk in your neighborhood – everything.

Now, add to it any things you may want to begin doing when you move, and subtract those things you’d like to try not to do any more. You might add hiking, yoga, and pottery classes, and remove driving so much and so far, and mowing the lawn.

What are some other needs you have...

...such as shade, quiet, low maintenance, low utility bills (energy efficiency), healthy air. Really go out on a limb. Write all this down. And if you are in a household of more than yourself, be sure to have everyone else work on this place needs assignment.

Once you have your lists, make up a description of the kind of place that will meet your needs. An historical neighborhood within walking distance to downtown? Several acres in the county with a creek, organic garden and no more than 15 minutes from a grocery store? Get as descriptive as you can.

This all needs to go into your notebook. Knowing your place needs is very important.

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