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Do you think you'd like to rent in Asheville before you buy? Sometimes it seems like a good idea to just pack up and sell your home and move here before you've bought a place. There are pros and cons for that, of course.

The Major "Rent in Asheville First" Con

How many people just love to move? Do you? I sure don't. You have to sort through all your stuff, get rid of whatever you can, pack up the rest in some organized way - and pay for movers to carefully pick up and deliver all your worldly goods to your new place.

Then you have to open all the boxes and figure out where to put everything - maybe get rid of a few more things.

Ah, you can rest and settle in...

...unless it's a temporary move.

In that case, when you are getting all your stuff organized and ready to pack, you also need to think about whether you want to put it in storage until you find a place to buy or do you need it with you while you're renting.

So there's that.

Another "Rent in Asheville First" Option - Not so Bad

Maybe you can get a short-term rental that's fully furnished, so you need very little and will only have to unpack once! That's sounding a little better.

Yes, there are short term rentals. They may cost a little more for that privilege, but as long as it's for a short term, maybe three to six months, it could be very worth it.

Then you can get here as soon as your house sells without feeling like you have to find your perfect home immediately.

What if You Need to Get Here Before Your House Sells?

If you have a job to start, you can begin right away, even if your house hasn't sold yet. You can leave it behind with a capable Realtor to sell for you.

By the way, you should talk with your Realtor about staging it simply. A completely bare, unfurnished house may not be as easy to sell as one that has a few simple things in it. Also, you'll need to think about insurance, yard maintenance, and so on.

Ideally, though, you should sell your home first.

The "Rent in Asheville First" Pro

Then you can come here and take your time exploring neighborhoods and communities to feel good about a place before you buy. You can drive around and get a better feel for where you'd like to be and drive by some of the houses that look like possibilities.

No rush. Just relax and do it in your time.

When it's time to look into rentals, here are some places you can try:

NCMMLS Rentals This is a great site for the Asheville area – the best I know of. You can find vacation homes and short-term rentals as well as long term - and places that are pet-friendly if you do need to bring your dog.

Asheville's Craigslist Of course, you can always check here.

Mountain Xpress This is our local alternative newspaper and it usually has good online classifieds.

Or you could follow @Rent_Asheville on Twitter or sign up for their feed at Rent_Asheville's Twitter Feed.

There's also TonsOfRentals and AshevilleRent that you can check out. Try them all - at least to begin with. See which you like best.

Someone just recommended HotPads, too. It looks pretty helpful and even fun! They start with a map of the whole area and house icons on the map to show you where they are. Then you can click on them if you want more information.

Those are my favorite places to look online for rentals here. Let me know if you have any other places you recommend.

If you’re in the area, you’ll want to check various bulletin boardslike Malaprop’s Book Store, Greenlife Grocery and Earth Fare. Some of the local coffee shops have good bulletin boards, too, like Westside Bakery in West Asheville.

And let me know when you'll be here. Let's meet for coffee/tea!

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