Asheville Airport

The Asheville Airport is really a pretty decent small airport that you will probably want to use at some point - when visiting or after you move here.

The airport, which is located just about ten miles south of downtown Asheville, was constructed between 1958 and 1960. Improvements have been made regularly over the years to meet the needs.

When looking at Asheville real estate, you'll want to keep in mind that there could be an air route over the home you're interested in. If that could bother you, it would be worth checking into. Many different kinds of aircraft fly in and out of our airport. Their traffic patterns vary depending on the winds and the weather conditions. You can contact the Asheville Regional Airport Authority at Post Office Box 817, Fletcher, NC, (828) 684-2226 to find out about flight patterns and any other matters or concerns you may have about the Airport.

This is a small airport - really. Once when we were flying out we kept wondering why they weren't telling us what was going on when the boarding time came and went. Finally, they announced that the small plane we were to take had a flat tire. They didn't have another tire or a mechanic, so they were flying in a mechanic and a new tire. In the meantime...

...people were lining up to find out what to do! We had two more connecting flights. Eeks! At first we were told it could be a couple of days before we could fly. We were persistent. We couldn't wait. They finally put us on a different airline. We arrived at our destination twelve hours late, but we got there! Whew!

Another time, we had a very early morning flight and there was morning fog. We couldn't leave until it lifted and that was hours after our scheduled flight.

So, we've learned to be sure there isn't a lot of morning fog around when we're going to fly out, and if possible, get a later flight. Above all, just be flexible and don't panic!

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The Asheville airport is a pleasant enough place. They have wireless throughout, so you can use your laptop. There aren't any fancy restaurants, but if you're hungry, you can get something to eat. The concession in the secure area is very small, though, so be warned. We usually bring snacks.

Parking is very convenient and the attendants have always been very friendly, even when it's very late.

There are definitely advantages to flying in and out of a small airport that's so close. We love being able to just drive 20 minutes, zip into a parking spot, jot down the location so we can find the car when we return, and easily roll our way into the tiny terminal. No pressure - no stress. When we return, it's again so simple and just a 20 minute drive home.

Sure, flying directly out of Charlotte or one of the other major airports not too far away would be cheaper, but you'd either have to go a day early and stay at a hotel or get up really early and drive a couple of hours...

...and then when you return there's another long drive to get home after your flight.

So, mechanic or not, I'll stick with the Asheville Airport!

Oh, here's a map...

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