One step at a time

by Ken
(Candler, NC)

If each of us, beginning at the age of reason (21?) begins to make one positive change each year, we will have on average made 50+ small steps in the right direction.

My family chooses an area to work on each year. Several years ago we dramatically improved our energy use (it can still get better) simply by changing light bulbs and filling in gaps in the walls and floor boards, using plastic over the windows in winter, etc.

Then we switched to buying mostly organic and local foods.

This year we worked on spending even more with local companies (there are a lot of great local green building resources for new home buyers).

If you try to do too much at once it becomes overwhelming and may make you stop trying.

Good luck and happy green new year Patricia.

From Linkedin Asheville Green Living group.

Comment from Tree (Patricia):
Thanks, Ken! Wise advice and good ideas.

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