I Love Riding My Bike!

by Jesse

Bike Lane

Bike Lane

I ride my bike everyday and love every minute of it. I'm saving the environment, saving a lot of money, and staying in shape.

Green living is something I've always considered since my childhood. I grew up riding a bike at the age of three and I still ride my bike everyday as a way to live green. I've managed to never own a car. I always ride my bike or use public transportation.

In the summertime, it's really no issue. There's great weather for riding a bike and I just view my commute as a workout, trying to stay in shape.

The winter is always tough with cold weather, snow and ice, but I just view that as a challenge rather than bothersome.

I've always felt that vehicles are what get people into debt. They're expensive to purchase, insure, maintain, and fuel. Imagine if those costs were never a part of daily life. Try hiding the keys to your car for a week or a month.

People become reliant on their vehicle and think there is no other way, but there is. I would love to encourage everyone to use your bikes more often and try out the public transportation.

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