Asheville Festivals

One of the things that brings people to Asheville are the wonderful Asheville festivals! How about you? Do you have your favorites?

There are so many kinds of festivals and they're here year round - one after another.

Of course, most people seem to know about Bele Chere - the largest street festival in the South. For three days at the end of July, most of the downtown streets are blocked off to cars and there are people in the streets for as far as you can see.

All kinds of displays, exhibits, vendors, artwork, music, performances of all kinds - all day and into the night. And most of it is free!

Food, beer, music, dancing, film, comedy, story telling, ethnic - every kind of festival you can think of comes to Asheville or one of the nearby towns. Black Mountain even has a Sourwood Festival!

It's all about celebrating! And that's Asheville, isn't it? A celebration of life!

Do you have a favorite festival story you'd like to share?

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Do you have a great story about an Asheville festival? Share it! There are so many festivals here of every type. Do you have a great memory of one? We'd love to hear it...

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We Love the LAAFF Not rated yet
Lexington Avenue Arts and Fun Festival - it's our favorite Asheville street festival. Not too big and not too small. All up and down the street there are …

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