Asheville Rivers and Mountains

Asheville rivers and mountains are a big part of what make Asheville the special place it is.

Rivers flow through Asheville and it's surrounded by mountains. It was this setting that inspired George and Edith Vanderbilt to build their great estate, the Biltmore, in Asheville.

This setting drew people from all over to this little city - and they are still coming.

The French Broad River is the main one you think of that actually separates West Asheville from the rest of the city. You can float down the French Broad - in a canoe, kayak or even a tube - and ride through the Biltmore Estate.

But long before people were riding in canoes and long before history as we know it, the French Broad was flowing through what we now know as Asheville. I mean way before. This river is the third oldest in the world - coming after the Nile and the New Rivers.

Today, there are a lot of activities going on around the river. The Asheville nonprofit RiverLink is working hard toward the economic and environmental revitalization of the French Broad River and its tributaries.

Gradual progress is being made on a greenway along the river with wonderful parks and trails. Plus, the development of the River Arts District has really taken off with many studios and galleries; restaurants; a new live, local theater/bar/cafe called Magnetic Field; apartments and even a brewery - The Wedge.

So, we have the third oldest river, BUT we have the tallest mountain east of the Mississippi - Mount Mitchell. The Blue Ridge Parkway, known as "America's Favorite Drive," goes through Asheville and will take you to Mount Mitchell. Spectacular views and great hiking.

Not that that's the only hiking around! We live in Asheville and the Blue Ridge Parkway runs a stone's throw from our house. We have a trail through the woods we take to the parkway where we can cross country ski when it snows - or we can cross the parkway and hike on the Mountains to Sea Trail, one of the many hiking trails around.

I could go on and on, but I'd love to let you fill in some of the information, experiences and stories of Asheville rivers and mountains.

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