The Best
Asheville Kids Neighborhoods

If you have children, you'll want to know which are the best Asheville kids neighborhoods!

Neighborhoods take on a personality of their own. If you have kids you'll want to live where there are other kids - or at least your children will want to do that.

I'll never forget when we moved once when my kids were young. Our moving truck was met by everyone in the neighborhood under 15 years old. We had a whole army of kids helping the movers carry in boxes.

By the end of the day we knew about half the neighborhood. Parents brought cookies and invitations for dinner. It was quite the welcoming. Kids seem to do that.

Where there are kids there are often playgrounds. The school may even be within walking distance. Groups of parents can give each other support and socialize together.

So, bring us your stories of the best Asheville kid's neighborhoods!

What's the Best Neighborhood
in Asheville for Kids?

Do you have a great story about the best Asheville Neighborhood for Kids? Share it!

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