Special Asheville Communities

Knowing the special Asheville communities is going to be very valuable to you as you search for your perfect Asheville home. Finding the perfect neighborhood for yourself is at least as, if not more, important than the right house!

There are so many neighborhoods here. I sure don't know them all! But each one is somehow unique and the people who live there often love their communities for different reasons.

Some neighborhoods are located where you can easily walk to most of the things you may want - the store, library, coffee shops and restaurants. Kids may be able to walk to school and the playground. Maybe the golf course is just across the street.

Other people may love being in a more rural, quiet area. Even in a subdivision, lots may be larger than an acre with tall trees.

Please share what your special community is like - or tell us what kind of community you're looking for.

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  • Tell us What Kind of Neighborhood You Want to Live In...

    Tell Us about
    Your Kind of Place!

    When you envision moving to Asheville, what kind of place do you see yourself in - what kind of neighborhood or community? Describe the place where you'd like to live. Maybe we can figure out a good match!

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