Asheville Ideas and Editorials

Asheville ideas and editorials is just what you've been waiting for! Asheville is a progressive town and everybody has an opinion about something.

Maybe you're excited about all the new bike lanes showing up around town. I know when I first moved here it was terribly disappointing that it wasn't a more bike-friendly place. But there's now a strong movement to make it one.

You may also have an opinion about where the future I-26 is routed through the city.

How about zoning issues and the new steep-slope building regulations?

Maybe you don't like the time of year when Bele Chere is held - or maybe you do!

Perhaps you have a great idea for a new business and you're wondering what others think about it - is there really a market?

Whatever it is - an idea, suggestion, some news, an editorial - here's where you can put it!

Here's Your Place for Asheville Editorials!
What Would You Like to Say?

I know you have something you want to say - an idea, some news, something everyone should know. Well, go ahead. Put it out there. Maybe we can get a discussion going.

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