Town Mountain

Town Mountain is a very unique Asheville community!

You've probably started out of Asheville eastward on College Street, Tunnel Road or I-240 and looked up to the left to see a mountain full of homes, wondering, "What is that?" It's Town Mountain.

Your next thought may have been, "I wonder how you get up there?"

If you start out of town on College Street, after you cross Charlotte Street, you'll come to another traffic light, before you go through Beaucatcher Tunnel. If you go left there, you're on Town Mt. Road.

In about one minute, you'll feel like you're way out in the country! Where else can you be in the city one minute and the country the next?!

The road takes you up, up, up and around. It's a great drive to take. There are homes, land and even condos to be purchased up there. Eventually the road comes out on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Take a picnic lunch with you! But don't forget, you're just a few minutes from downtown, if you decide you need a restaurant!

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