Stick to Your Guns!

by Hannah
(Asheville, NC)

We went to the lender our real estate agent recommended and he seemed to really know his stuff, but we didn't feel very comfortable because he tried to convince us to do things we didn't think we should do.

One thing was to get an Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM). The interest rate was really low, but we didn't want to take any chances of it going up suddenly.

The other thing was, we had enough money to do a large down payment, so we didn't have to borrow that much. He encouraged us to borrow as much as we possibly could - and he had lots of logical reasons. But we stuck to our guns! And we are so happy we did.

Now when other people are suddenly getting huge payments due each month, ours is the same small amount and almost all paid off. No mortgage is the best mortgage, if you ask me - and a small one is better than a big one, at least in this day and age.

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