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(Asheville, N.C.)

I know of two occasions when people thought they were hiring a really good mover and it turned out to be a huge mess.

When my mother moved from one Asheville location to another, we hired a local company that seemed really good and they were. They were wonderful to my mother, very careful with all her belongings, even made her bed when they got it all set up.

A couple years later someone asked me for a recommendation and I told them about that company. Their experience was a nightmare.

Also, some friends who recently moved did their best to research moving companies before hiring one. They chose a N.C. company with the highest Better Business Bureau score. It sounded too good to be true - and it was. It was a disaster.

As it turned out, the company did have an excellent reputation but had very recently been bought out by another company with a terrible record. Their service was bad, communication non-existent, and they made promises they wouldn't keep.

So, the moral of the story is get current testimonials - who did they work for yesterday. Talk with them. Really work hard to find out if they are that good. Good luck!

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