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What is a Listing Cart and why would you want one?

A Listing Cart is a very cool tool that allows you to look at property online that fits your own unique criteria - so, you don't have to wade through lots of property that just doesn't fit you.

I can set up a free Asheville Listing Cart for you that will then automatically let you know when new homes come on the market. They'll be added to your cart and just sit there until you're ready to look.

This is a no-stress, easy and fun way to look at property - houses or land.

In your own time, whenever you feel like it, just open your cart and see what's there.

You can adjust it to view homes by price or date of listing. You can look at the full MLS information for each property and all the photos. You can make notes about them online and delete the ones you don't like.

It's your own cart - your own personal MLS.

And please don't worry - no one is going to start sending you junk mail and bugging you to buy a house here. I'm not like that and I'm the only one who'll know you've signed up. This is a free service. I love helping people find what they want and maybe some day you'll actually come to Asheville and want me to help you find your dream home. That would be great. But you'll never feel any kind of pressure from me. I'm very big on people taking their time.

I can use all kinds of criteria to find the property - even specific neighborhoods and green certifications.

Before you request your cart, you should read the North Carolina document called Working with Real Estate Agents. This is just for your information. You can access a PDF of this document here or by linking to it from the Asheville Resources link at the left.

OK, now you can request your Listing Cart...

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