Downtown Asheville is a Great Place to Live


My mother moved to Asheville to be near us, but she didn't want to be stuck out in the rural area where we lived so she moved right downtown! And she loved it!

She was very retired. The kind where you don't even drive anymore. But, by living right downtown, she was able to get all over and be where it was happening all the time.

There are apartments and condos downtown where you can live - all different prices, even subsidized.

You used to be able to shop at a little grocery store at the Grove Arcade, but they aren't there any more. That was wonderful. They even delivered. The closest place to shop now is Amazing Savings, which is really close and they have a lot of the basics at great prices.

There's a pharmacy downtown that also delivers. And there are all the restaurants and fun places to visit and hang out. The library is wonderful. The coffee shops are great. There are parks. Never a dull moment!

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