Chunns Cove

Chunns Cove is the name of a community you'll want to check out if you want to be really close to downtown, but out in the country.

When you head east out of town on College Street, you'll cross Charlotte and keep going through Beaucatcher Tunnel. A couple more traffic lights and you'll see Insbruck Mall on your right. Chunn's Cove Road will be a left at that traffic light. This probably isn't even even five minutes from downtown.

So, go left onto Chunns Cove Road there and soon you'll soon be headed up a country road. You'll even pass cattle in a pasture on your left.

You'll pass an apartment complex on your right.

When I first moved here I kept hearing the term cove. I'm from New England and we have a lot of coves there, but they're along the coast, like little harbors.

I learned that there are coves in the mountains, too. My dictionary describes is as "a sheltered nook or recess, as in cliffs." It can also be a "small valley or pass." So, this is that kind of cove, that goes up into the mountains. It eventually just ends, right before it gets to where Town Mountain Road runs.

There are a number of other roads that run off Chunn's Cove Road. It's a great place to ride around and explore. Amazing it's so close to town! You feel like you're way out in the country.

There's a variety of home styles, sizes and home ages here. It's a very convenient place to live if you want a rural feel but also want to be very close to downtown Asheville. I wouldn't describe it as walkable, but you aren't very far from most of what you need - grocery stores, banks, post office, and so on.

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