Asheville Retrofit Cohousing

Asheville Retrofit Cohousing is a way that you and your friends can recycle existing multifamily housing. Wouldn't it be fun to get all your favorite people together and live in the same neighborhood?!

Better than that, you could live in a little community of some kind together, sharing and caring for each other.

Asheville always seems to have opportunities for doing creative things and all kinds of people who enjoy giving them a try.

These are often the same progressive-thinking people who can see how having solar panels may really be worth the initial expense and composting might be a good thing to do even if you don't plant a garden.

They may also want to live interdependently with neighbors - sharing tools, a garden, fruit trees, child care, various skills like computer repair, sewing and bread-making.

But I did say, interdependently - not dependently. You still live your life and they live theirs. You're just caring, sharing neighbors.

No, it's not for everyone, but it might be for you. Maybe you're getting toward the retirement years. Maybe you're a Baby Boomer and while you are really active, love riding your bike and hiking, you don't really enjoy shoveling the driveway that much any more. It might be nice to have someone else around who can do that.

Or you may be a young family. It's nice to have other people who can help you out with the kids form time to time. Maybe your folks don't live around here - you're pretty much on your own. Being part of a sharing community might raise your quality of life.

Some people want to buy some land and put in all the infrastructure - roads, electricity, phone, water, septic systems and all those things that go in before the houses are built. Their group participates in the whole planning and designing process. It's huge.

But, here, Asheville retrofit cohousing can be the ultimate in recycling. You can find a multifamily property for three families, four, six, or more.

You can find something right in town - a historical home already divided into apartment units. Or you can find some duplexes in West Asheville.

Some properties are very affordable. Others may be quite expensive. You really have to know what you want and your groups needs to have a good decision making system. There are people here who train groups in being able to form and live in community like this.

Get those creative wheels turning...

...and if you want any more info about what others are doing with Asheville retrofit housing, just let me know.

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