The Asheville Montford Community

Who doesn't love the historical Asheville Montford Community?!

What is it about the big old homes, bed and breakfasts, and gorgeous gardens that makes you feel like you're home - or you wish you were! The magnificent home pictured above is The Lion and The Rose Bed and Breakfast, one of Asheville's longest operating B&Bs. It's an incredible Queen Anne/Georgian-style home, circa 1898. If you do the historic trolley tour, it will be one of the first places you see. Jim and Linda Palmer, the innkeepers, would love to host you, on your stay here, too. (800-546-6988)

Part of this great neighborhood is a National Register Historic District. It's under the jurisdiction of the Historic Resources Commission of Asheville and Buncombe County (HRC).

Asheville has four locally designated historic districts: Albemarle Park, Biltmore Village, St. Dunstan's and Montford.

Montford was originally incorporated as a small town of about 50 people in 1893. Asheville annexed it in 1905. The first residents, those who built the original homes, were the lawyers, doctors, architects and other professionals and businessmen of Asheville.

Montford is primarily residential, but it has always had other land use, too. Have you taken an Asheville Trolley Tour? That's a great way to learn about Montford. The hospital where Zelda Fitzgerald spent her last years was located at the northern end. It burned in 1948 and she died in that fire along with many others.

Today, if you live in the Asheville Montford community, there are two small, local restaurants you can walk to and meet your neighbors at. You can also walk to downtown Asheville, just across I-240! In the summer, you can attend free outdoor performances of the Montford Players!

Montford has a very active neighborhood association with a great website you'll want to visit.


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